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Michael Lorefice Featured in the Alumni Gallery

Paintings from the Photograph (and vice versa), featuring works by Michael Lorefice, MFA 2004, Studio Arts, opens in the Alumni Gallery at Rust Hall on Friday, October 14 and will continue on view through November 6, 2011. The Opening Reception is Friday, October 14 from 5-7 pm.

Artist Statement: "My current work continues to explore the space between representative and abstract painting, incorporating still life and photographic processes. This confluence between art and science continues to fascinate me, with the overlap between the real and implied, the natural and the fabricated. There is a confusion of space that occurs when an object becomes “too real” – when the eye feels deceived from witnessing the process of creation, as if the object or image was produced from a factory assembly line. This displacement of space and time leads to a disconnection, where representational objects approach abstraction.

There is an element of mystery that surrounds the photographic image and its subsequent offspring; it is entrenched in the history of painting and has been a constant companion since its inception. The life of the object is called into question, where the examination goes far beyond its physical form and entails its history and future, character, and creative potential. In doing so, I engage with a system that is in a constant state of flux, where past, present and future are changed to stop, fast-forward, skip-back and pause, sometimes all at once. I believe that the painted image can provide a point of departure from the constant bombardment of superfluous images whose foreignness is transformed into a new authentic appearance that causes us to re-examine our visions of reality."

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